Hey Baltimore-Sir Rod Stewart is gonna rock Maryland Live Casino May 29th ! Be There for a big party.This Friday  April 11 Solo Sir Rod rocks Casey's, Drexall Hill 9:30-12.  April 19 Solo Sir Rod blasts Tropic Thunder, Brooklyn Park , 9-12.  April 25  Solo Sir Rod goes Irish at  Casey's in Ridley Park 9-12.Saturday  April 26 Solo Sir Rod finally plays Gianni's in Arbutus MD 8 pm.  May 2 is Springfest 12 noon inside the tent.  May 3 is Maynard's Cafe Brooklyn Park 9-1.  May 4  is MR Ducks 4-8.May 9+10 Solo Sir Rod goes Saki at the Cultured Pearl on Mother's Day Weekend. May 22 Sir Rod goes to the Rod and Reel Chesapeake Beach MD 7-11.May 24 Sir Rod returns to Wildwood NJ at the Lighthouse Point 7-11! June 6 the Full Band debuts at the Taproom, Morton, PA  9-1. June 7 is Paradise Stream Resort, rt 940 Mount Poconos.Scroll down below the pictures to see the entire Summer Tour!

Sir Rod is proud to announce the new partnership with  Call Al Geary or Jarred  in PA, NJ and NY call 215-884-4357 to book the Full Band Show.

We are also booked by Maximum Talent, Mike Evans 301-840-9400 , in MD, DE,VA, NC, SC, WV .- Full Show Band


Sir Rod and his band have performed on the same stages as Foreigner,Rick Springfield, Sheryl Crow, Darious Rucker(Hootie), Pat Benatar, The B -52's, The Fabulous Hubcaps, Frankie Vallie, Three Dog Night, Leann Rymes, Kasey Musgraves, Merle Haggard,Loverboy and even Rod Stewart (the Alladin Casino in Las Vegas).

January 10, 2013  Entertainment writer, Mary Cantell, writes:  "First, you'll blink.  Then after a double or triple take, you'll begin to realize that what you've been staring at is a clone of one of the most legendary rock 'n' roll living legends alive.                                            Tommy Edward aka Sir Rod Stewart, wasn't always buttonholed for the famous singer.  Tommy is a recording artist with 4 cd releases, playing in St.Croix, Japan, Las Vegas, Branson, Chicago, DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia, where he's gathered a large following.  One day it struck him that he could parlay his musical talent into another kind of performance.  Sir Rod was born.                                                                                                                Complete with Stewart's wildly coiffed, blond, spiky hair and signature voice, Sir Rod takes the best of Stewart's talents and turns them into his own, emulating the hallmark of the Brit's stage presence (think sexy).  He'll perform with band mates Melissa Rose, Harry Marion, and Marc Harper, as part of the Girlfriends Getaway Weekend show (Jan. 25 to 27) at the Golden Inn of Avalon, N.J.                       'I learned how to sing like Stewart years ago,' said 53-year-old Edward, whose Sir Rod tour is in its 22st year.  'It's been a calling to put the voice with the look.People go crazy at every show!'                                                                                    Bringing a wildly energetic show to the stage, Sir Rod has been compared to Stewart in a very positive way, even as much as surpassing the legendary star in audience appeal.                                                                                                                                                                   'When you first hear about it, you'd think it was a mellow show, but he's very authentic,' said Entertainment Director Sue Southward.         While most impersonators dress for their shows, with Sir Rod, it's a full-time gig.                                                                                                'When he's around the hotel, he wears the Rod Look even when he's not performing.He was born with the Scottish Rod Look,' said Southward.  'Women always want to snap a picture with him.'  With a perfect blend of soulful energy and sexy moves,  Sir Rod will headline your weekend as he performs such well-known classic hits as 'Forever Young,' Maggie May and 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'.  This act is fun, high energy and a great night out on the town.  Sir Rod Live at the Golden Inn , Avalon, NJ.   

  Please join us in 2014 for our 22nd Year Tour, celebrating the music of Rod Stewart and more.  We have enjoyed rockin'  Philly, Baltimore, Jersey and Ocean City & all the Northeast for many years.  Sir Rod is available as a  Solo Act or with a Live Band Show with Melissa, Harry and Marc.  Look down below the photos to see our schedule & see if we are open for your event.  Having your own  Sir Rod Party? - call me or text 410-723-1663,  email  Sir Rod has performed for over four million fans across America - Nightclubs,  Deck Parties,  Birthdays, Weddings, Casinos, Fairs, Festivals, Moose Lodges, High School Dances, Fundraisers and much more!  A big thanks to all the band members for their diligence and talents:  Harry Marion, Melissa Rose Marion, and Marc Harper.  A special thanks to my photographer & wife...  (Video & photos below by Monica).

Rod Stewart was born the son of a Scottish plumber in north London.  Rod started singing in clubs in London.  He went on to the Jeff Beck group, & the Faces, known for their onstage & offstage antics.  Rod's flamboyant lifestyle was stuff of legend - always recording, always touring.  Along the way, dating Bond girls, movie stars, & super-models.  This two-time Hall-of-Famer has sold over 200 million records.




Show Schedule


      CONCERT CALENDAR  2014          

 April 18            The Cove, Bayside, DE 6-9

April  19          Tropic Thunder,  Brooklyn Park 9-12

April 25           Casey's,  Ridley Park PA 9 pm Solo Sir Rod

April 26           Gianni's,  Arbutus MD  8 pm.

May 2             Springfest, OC, MD  12 pm, indoor stage

May 3             Maynard's Cafe, Brooklyn Park, Full Show -No cover! 9pm

May 4             MR Ducks 4-8, Tommy on guitar

May  9 +10     The Cultured Pearl - Rehobeth 8 pm "Happy Mother's Day!"

May 16+30    The Cove, Bayside DE 6-9           

May 17          Am Leg OC,  NJ - Solo Sir Rod

May 18          Ocean Pines Boat Club, Golden Sands

May 22          Rod +Reel, Chesapeake Beach 6 -10

May 24          Lighthouse Point, Wildwood 7-11

May 25          Princess Royale, 1 - 4

May 26         The Wharf, Lewes DE, 5 - 9

May 29         Maryland Live Casino 8-12 Full Band Show

May 31         Princess Royale, 1 - 4

 June 6         The Tap Room, Morton PA , Full Band Show 9 - 1:00

June 7          Paradise Stream Resort, Mount Poconos 570-839-8881

June 8          Somerset st., OC Boardwalk 3 - 5:30, Solo Sir Rod

June 13         Cripple Creek-Solo Sir Rod

June 14        The Wharf, Wildwood  8-12, Full Band Show

June 18        The Carousel OC MD 2-6 every Wed til Sept

June 19 & 26  The Plaza, Jungle Bar 4 - 7

June 20+21    The Cultured Pearl 8 p, Solo Sir Rod

June 21          Princess Royale, 1 - 4

June 22          Holiday Inn, 68th st., 1 - 5

June 27          Bethany Beach Bandstand, Full Band Show, 7 - 9

June 28          King Farms - Rockville MD

June 29          Princess Royale, 1 - 4

June 30          Princess Royale every Mon., 1 - 4

July 1             Princess Royale every Tue., 1 -4

July 3+24       MR Ducks 6-9, Tommy on guitar

July 4, 5, 6    Princess Royale, 1 - 4

July 11          Rod + Reel, Chesapeake Beach 6-10

July 12          Surf City Hotel, LBI NJ  9 - 1

July 16         Manchester Township, Harry Wright Lake 6 pm

July 17         Ship Bottom NJ - 7 pm  Bayside

July 18         Open for Jersey Shore Gig 410-723-1663 

July 19         Lighthouse Point, Wildwood  7-11, Full Band Show

July 10, 25, 31   The Plaza, Jungle Bar 4 - 7


July 26         The Wharf, Wildwood  8 - 12

July 27         Holiday Inn 68th st. 1 - 5

Aug 1           Burlington Co. Ampitheatre, W. Ampton, NJ  7 pm

Aug  2          Captain's Cove, Greenbackville VA  7-11, 757-824-3465

Aug 3 , 17, 21     Princess Royale  1 - 4

Aug  7            Rod + Reel, Chesapeake Beach 6-10

Aug 9             Surf City Hotel, LBI NJ  9 - 1

Aug 8          Open for Jersey Shore Gig

Aug 10          Sundaes in the Park, N. OC, MD, 7 - 9 pm

Aug 13          Seaside Park NJ,next to the Sawmill, 7 pm

Aug 14           Freeman Stage , Bayside DE  7 pm

Aug 15         Open for Ocean City Gig

Aug 16          The Wharf, Wildwood  8 - 12:00

Aug 21          Open for OC Gig      

Aug 22         Open for OC Gig    

Aug 23        The Bolero Resort, Oak Ave Wildwood NJ,  9:30 pm

Aug 24        Holiday Inn 68th st., 1 - 5

Aug 28        MR Ducks 6-9

Aug 29        Open Date

Aug 30        Lighthouse Point,Wildwood  7-11

Sept 1         Princess Royale  1 - 4

Sept 5        Open

Sept 6         Pirate's Day, Barnegate NJ  7 pm, bayside

Sept 12      Nick's Roast Beef, 2210 Cottman Ave., Solo Sir Rod, 9:30 pm     


Sept 13      Williamsburg Inn, White Marsh, MD 7 pm

Sept 26      The Cultured Pearl, Rehobeth Beach,  8 pm

Sept 27      Maggie's wedding

Oct 5         Tall Cedar's Hall, Parkville MD, fundraiser, 2 - 6 .

                   Call Bruce 410-557-2606

Oct 18       Spencer's Pub, Ashton Rd, Phila, 9 - 1:00

Nov 8        Red Rooster-Dungan Rd

Niv 28 & 29  The Cultured Pearl, Rehobeth Beach DE  8 pm

Dec 6           Columbus Club

Dec 26 & 28  The Cultured Pearl, Rehobeth Beach DE, 8 pm

Dec 31          The Princess Royale $119 pp Full Show, Full Dinner, Open Bar

                   Happy New Year!!!


Call or text Tommy Edward  410-723-1663 for information about having Sir Rod at your next event.